What about Bob?

From Puppies at play

If you've been reading my dad's blog, you should know all about Bob by now. We're getting along pretty well so far. He can be a little rambunctious at times but he knows his place. He knows I'm the top dog around here.

He's very playful and I must admit that I'm not always in the mood to play but more often than not I am. It's nice to have some canine company around, even if my new "little brother" is bigger than I am!
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Christmas list

What do I want for Christmas?

* Treats
* Bones
* Chewy things
* Walks
* Hugs
* Kisses
* Grandparents!

What don't I want for Christmas?

* Carrots!
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I'm thankful for ...

... grandparents! They're visiting this week and I am so excited. It will be nice to get cozy with them, take walks with them, sit cute for them, and so forth.

Oh, and I've just been reminded that Uncle Jeff is coming too. I guess that's all right.
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Food! Bloglines food?

Oh no wait, it's just a Bloglines feed that's now available for A Good Boy's Journal. Oh well. Not as exciting as FOOD, but now you'll know when I update without having to remember to visit this page.

Especially considering that I don't post too much, that's a good thing. Still not as good as food, though.
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Wait 'til next year

Well, the Astros couldn't pull it out after all. It was a sad day for everyone in the household, though it was good to see the Red Sox beat the despised Cardinals.

The thing is that we can't seem to find my regular black collar, which means that for the entire off-season I'll probably be wearing my Astros collar since they finished ahead of the Cubbies.

Not that it matters to me ...
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Well, I'm back to wearing my Astros collar. After an amazing second half of the year to clinch the wild card, tonight they will try to win their first playoff in team history.

After they failed to do so in spectacular fashion yesterday, Mom had a bit of a fit. She ought to take a tip from me. I'm a real cool customer, even during the tensest moments. If you didn't know better, you'd think I wasn't paying any attention to the game at all.

You'd be wrong, though.
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More cuteness

Well, my parents recently put up a fence to keep me away from this favorite spot on the rug when nobody's around. I don't see why they can't appreciate that that spot so obviously requires my urine on a regular basis. Parents just don't understand.

So this left me looking around for a place to get cozy the other day, since I no longer had access to the living room couch. Sure, I could have gone into the bedroom. And I could have laid down in the special chair my dad has for me in his office. But instead, I decided to check out the laundry hamper!
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